AeroKret Applications
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The versatility of AeroKret (formerly Aerocoat K) coating, combined with the ease of application, recoating, and repair, can significantly reduce the lifecycle cost of coated parts. Some examples of the parts that can benefit by AeroKret (formerly Aerocoat K) coating are:

Typical Parts
Compressor Blade, Fan Blade, Propeller, Radome, Rotor, Thrust Reverser Sleeve
Agitator, Blower, Condenser, Fan, Impeller, Tank, Tube, Valve
Buoys, Heat Exchanger Parts, Hull, Lift Fan Paddle, Propeller, Rudder, Shaft, Sonar Domes
Heat Exchanger, Hydro Cyclone, Mineral Handling Equipment, Pump, Radiator Fan, Valve
Mud Ports, Off-Shore Structures, Pump Parts, Oil Well Down-hole Equipment, Slurry Pipe, Valve
Chute, Conveyor, Cyclone, Fan, Filter, Pipe, Pulper, Screen
Ash Handling Equipment, Compressor Blade, Cooling System, Fan blade, Valve, Wind Turbine Blade
Cyclone, Incinerator Parts, Mixer Blade, Sewer Pipe, Treatment Tank
Hydraulic Structure, Hydro Cyclone, Pipeline, Screen, Sludge Tank, Sluice Gate, Submergible Pump

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