Aerospace Engineering
Our experience and expertise in aerospace engineering is based on over a decade of support to NASA. This partnership with NASA provides opportunities for participation in technical advances which greatly advance airplane and spacecraft operations.

AS&M supports flight research projects, internal research and development, and various technical functions. AS&M provides engineers, technicians, mechanics, and specialists to support:

Aerospace Projects
  Electronics and Avionics
  Flight Project Engineering
  Aerodynamics Engineering
  Flight Controls Engineering
  Flight Dynamics Engineering
  Flight Systems Engineering
  Flight Instrumentation Engineering
  Operations Engineering
  Propulsion and Performance Engineering
  Structural Flight Test Engineering
  Meteorological Engineering

Research Engineering
  Research Functional Support
        Calibration, Metrology, and Environmental Test Engineering
        Flow Visualization Facility
        Propulsion and Performance Engineering
        Technology Transfer
  Aerostructures Support
        Test Engineering
        Electrical Engineering
        Structural Test Operations
        Aerostructures Instrumentation
  Multidisciplinary Research Engineering
        Experiment Design and Integration
        Analysis of Planning Concepts
        Reporting Research Accomplishments
        Research Studies

NASA Dryden projects supported by AS&M included:
  Active Aeroelastic Wing (AAW)
  Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV)
  X-38, XACT
  Intelligent Flight Control System (F-15 and C-17 Platforms)
  Autonomous Formation Flight (AFF)


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