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AeroKret (formerly Aerocoat K) is an erosion, corrosion, cavitation and water resistant barrier coating that cures at room temperature making it suitable for OEMs and for repair and reconditioning in the field. It adheres well to most surfaces. It is supplied as ready to spray solution and ready to trowel paste.

AS&M has coated a variety of parts that are in service or in field testing. AeroKret (formerly Aerocoat K) can meet the demands of a range of industrial applications.

Elastomeric nano-composite
  Tough siloxane base top coat and adhesion promoting epoxy primer
  Isocyanate and chromate free
  Bonds to most materials
  Ambient curing- No baking
  Flexible and energy absorbing
Erosion resistance
  High speed sand
  Water jet
  Steam droplets
Environmental resistance
  Salt spray
  Hydraulic fluid
  Extreme weather
  UV, ozone
  Fatigue stress
  Temperature (-70° to 400° F)

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