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Our experience and expertise in aerospace engineering is based on over a decade of support to NASA. This partnership with NASA provides opportunities for participation in technical advances which greatly advance airplane and spacecraft operations.

AS&M has supported flight research projects, internal research and development, and various technical functions. AS&M has provided engineers, technicians, mechanics, and specialists to support:

Aerospace Projects

  • Electronics and Avionics
  • Flight Project Engineering
  • Aerodynamics Engineering
  • Flight Controls Engineering
  • Flight Dynamics Engineering
  • Flight Systems Engineering
  • Flight Instrumentation Engineering
  • Operations Engineering
  • Propulsion and Performance Engineering
  • Structural Flight Test Engineering
  • Meteorological Engineering

Research Engineering

Research Functional Support

  • Calibration, Metrology, and Environmental Test Engineering
  • Flow Visualization Facility
  • Propulsion and Performance Engineering
  • Technology Transfer

Aerostructures Support

  • Test Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Structural Test Operations
  • Aerostructures Instrumentation

Multidisciplinary Research Engineering

  • Experiment Design and Integration
  • Analysis of Planning Concepts
  • Research Studies
  • Reporting Research Accomplishments

NASA Dryden projects supported by AS&M included:

  • Active Aeroelastic Wing (AAW)
  • ERAST/Helios
  • Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV)
  • X-38, XACT
  • X-43A
  • Intelligent Flight Control System (F-15 and C-17 Platforms)
  • X-40A/X-37
  • Autonomous Formation Flight (AFF)