Analytical Services & Materials, Inc.

(Job ID# ASM20FSH155)

Company: Analytical Services & Materials, Inc. Hampton, VA 23666


Analytical Services and Materials, Inc. (AS&M) is looking for a full-time Facility Safety Head to work at the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) in Hampton Virginia. The facility safety head will provide operations and maintenance support at LaRC. The successful candidate must have the ability to work as part of multi-discipline project teams and interact with clients in a fast-paced team-oriented environment.

Duties & Responsibilities

Must be able to quickly become familiar with all aspects of the operation of a large low-speed aeroacoustics wind tunnel and perform all duties related to a facility safety head (FSH) position. Aeroacoustics wind tunnel operations responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Safe operation of the assigned research facility(s)
  • Maintaining a safe working environment for the staff in the assigned facility(s)
  • Maintaining configuration control of all facility systems
  • Review and approve all facility designs, modifications, and test procedures
  • Develops and maintains training records
  • Maintains the Facility Resume
  • Provide control of safety interlock systems
  • Conduct monthly safety meetings and monthly safety inspections
  • Represent their facility(s) to LaRC and Contractor safety programs
  • Potentially act as Alternate FSH for other facilities

The Steam Plant requires the use of specific systems, media, and configuration control to produce steam at required levels of production, including varying levels of flow as needed to specific facilities across the Center. Safety must be integrated into all operations which utilize these and other systems:

  • Large boilers that produce high volume steam for the Center
  • Boiler feedwater system provides high purity water to the boilers for the production of steam
  • Fuel distribution system that utilizes either natural gas (primary) or fuel oil (alternate); and Steam pressure/steam flow monitoring & control system
  • Steam distribution to various LaRC facilities through a network of four underground distribution tunnels and shallow trenches
  • Over two miles of tunnels and attached shallow trenches are used to distribute the steam throughout LaRC (the Center) and return high-pressure and low-pressure condensate to the Steam Plant
  • Interfaces with most facilities used for distribution of high-and low-pressure air and other media; and Tunnel access, ventilation, and lighting controls
  • Integrated operability with distribution system connected to the City of Hampton's Refuse-Fired Steam Generating Facility (RECOUP)
  • RECOUP is not operated directly by the Steam Plant, but an understanding of equipment operation and capabilities is required for integrated operability management
  • Steam product (within the facility) is used to drive internal systems
  • A Distributed Control System that performs all monitoring, tuning/event/alarm/data logging and provides the operator interface for all (4) boilers and for plant ancillary equipment
  • Emergency diesel generator readiness, with a UPS system that works in concert with the generator.
  • Small boiler operations at three remote facilities to produce either low-pressure steam or hot water for designated facilities
  • Sanitary Sewage and Domestic Water Systems.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Must be a US. Citizen.

Position Requirements:

Two (2) years of college with courses in engineering or associated disciplines, and eight (8) years of related experience.  Additional relevant education may be substituted for a portion of the experience. Communication skills (both oral and written) and demonstrated ability to lead and direct work of others.  Position requires specialized and extensive knowledge of engineering principles gained through long and varied work experience in field of specialty.

How to Apply?

Details about the company are available at
AS&M employment application form can be downloaded from here.
E-mail completed application form with a detailed resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mention the Job ID#.

AS&M is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.