Analytical Services & Materials, Inc.

The VIC3D system can demonstrate how your product performs under simulated or operational loading conditions. The VIC3D system is a non-contacting, optical measurement method that requires a random, high contrast speckle pattern on the surface of interest. The speckle pattern can be painted, a stick-on tape, or in some cases using the natural texture of the surface. The displacement measurements and strain calculation results can be quickly exported to videos, contour plots, text files, and spreadsheets that contain data for qualitative and quantitative product evaluation.

The VIC3D system can be used to characterize the deformation of large structures like the 27.5 foot diameter by 20 foot tall rocket tank cylinder shown below. The resolution of the deformation measurements is related to the area imaged, but multiple VIC3D systems can be used to obtain higher resolution. In the example shown below, 6 systems were used to obtain the deformation around the entire circumference of the cylinder. Each system viewed about 120-degrees and half the 20 foot height. The results from all 6 systems were synchronized and stitched together to create a high resolution deformation characterization of the entire cylinder.

Buckling Test for a 27.5 foot Diameter Rocket Casing