Analytical Services & Materials, Inc.

AS&M has been providing VIC3D support to NASA Langley for more than 10 years and have been working with the founders of Correlated Solutions Inc. for almost 25 years. We have used VIC3D for hundreds of NASA tests and have measured displacements for objects as small as 0.01 inch cracks in pressure vessels to structures as large the buckling of 30 ft. diameter rocket segment cylinders. We have collected data for tests that have taken days and other tests that recorded the deformations of a simulated lightning strike.

AS&M has teamed with Correlated Solutions, Inc. to be their exclusive partner for remote testing services. We have the latest equipment and VIC3D software and are ready to travel anywhere in the world. We can provide digital image correlation results at considerable cost savings


    • Try before you buy - You may have heard about digital image correlation and may even have had a demo, but how well will it work for you in a production environment?
    • Specialized problems - You may have a one-time problem that can be solved using digital image correlation, but can't justify the expense of a complete system.
    • Training and staffing - You may already have a VIC3D system and need additional training in a production environment, or don't want to carry the expense of a full-time trained staff

We will bring our equipment to your facility, solve your real problems, and leave you with all of your raw and process data. Our rates are even lower if you have your own VIC3D systems.

AS&M has a deep technical team with experts in structural analysis, structural testing, and fracture mechanics. These experts are available to augment our VIC3D measurement services.