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AS&M has teamed with Correlated Solutions, Inc. to be their exclusive partner for remote testing services. We have the latest equipment and VIC3D software and are ready to travel anywhere in the world. AS&M's VIC3D experts can provide support in the following ways:


  • On-site VIC3D operation and data reduction - We will bring our equipment to your facility to perform the non-contacting deformation measurements and data reduction. The result of our work will be a report that describes the measurements taken and provides you the data in the format that you request.
  • On-site VIC3D operation and data reduction using your equipment - We can efficiently provide staffing to perform VIC3D non-contacting deformation measurements using your equipment. This can provide you significant cost savings if you have a regular need for VIC3D measurements, but don't want to maintain a full-time, trained staff.
  • On-site VIC3D training - We can work with your personnel on your equipment in a production environment to both generate needed data and train your personnel on the VIC3D system. We can tailor the training to solve your specific needs.
  • Off-site VIC3D data reduction - The VIC3D system can generate large amounts of data when performing long duration or multiple system measurements. We can collect the data at your site and perform the data reduction at our facilities at a considerable cost and time savings.