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AS&M VIC3D Contact Information
Analytical Services and Materials, Inc.
107 Research Dr.
Hampton, VA 23666

Phone: (757) 865-7093
Fax: (757) 865-7309

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The successful use of the VIC3D system requires careful planning and setup. The following is a list of questions that we may ask to allow us to understand your requirements, design a solution, and provide a cost estimate:

  • Where will the measurements take place (e.g., city, state)?
  • What are the expected dates for taking the measurements?
  • How large of a target area will be examined?
  • What is the expected duration of the event to be measured?
  • What is the expected rough magnitude of the deformations?
  • Can the target area surface be painted?
  • How much unobstructed area is available in front of the target area?
  • How many systems are required (e.g., simultaneous, synchronized front and back measurements will require 2 systems)?
  • How far away is the nearest AC power source?
  • What are the ambient light conditions and are there any light restrictions?
  • Does the area around the area to be measured have any environmental issues (e.g., floor vibrations, wind, dust, temperature)?